Wednesday, September 05, 2012

family time

In the midst of all the trunk show excitement, I didn't even get to tell you about our visitors last week.  They were only here for one night but, as usual, made a big impression. 
After dinner, we had a group business meeting and Corbin taught me how to use things like an "iPod", while I felt about 70 years old for not knowing how to use an iPod.  If you're wondering what business purpose an iPod serves, we were taking payments at the show through Square, which is a handy little card-swiping device that plugs into an iPod or smart phone. 
The guys continued their portion of the business meeting in the dining room.  They sounded like such adults. 

But then the wrestling broke out, as it usually does.  It was around this time that I said to Steve, "I hope we have lots of boys one day" and he looked shocked and said, "Really?!?"
What is super fun is that Corbin and his friends have been coming to visit for so long now that we have a whole stock of great memories from their time with us.  Like the time John and Sophie defined their relationship in our driveway, or the time Adam googled "Smokey the Bear- how real is he?", or the time I got hit with a disc while we were out playing Frisbee golf and almost passed out in the woods.  Okay, that last one wasn't so great at the time, but it sure made for a memorable trip. 
And they are all getting older and moving around and getting married, but I hope they keep coming back.  I told Steve the other night that it's such a blessing to get to spend this time with my brother, who was so young when I moved out of the house.  It's like we're making up for lost time. 

We managed to get my whole family in one place for about an hour over the weekend and it was terrific.  The fact that it has become increasingly difficult to get us all in the same room just makes it all the better when we do.  I can't wait to do it again. 


  1. That pot of beans looks delicious! Is that weird to say?

  2. I'd love to get a 5x7 of the pix of us if that is possible. You all are the loves of my life!



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