Monday, August 27, 2012

trunk show

Well, here we are again.  You, stopping by my blog to see what's new.  Me, holding fourteen bags on one arm while Steve takes pictures. 
The end of the ceaseless bag-making is actually in sight though, as we leave for our very first trunk show in three days and I can't sew in the car. 
What's a trunk show?  How nice of you to ask!  A trunk show is where a designer packs up all their merchandise and presents it directly to specific customers.  In this case, we'll be showcasing at On a Whim in Blacksburg, Virginia, this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Come one, come all!

Hence the name, people used to pack their wares in large trunks, but I am using baskets and galvanized tubs because we are fresh out of trunks. 
I'm so excited for so many reasons.  As you know, I've been sewing pretty much non-stop this month to get everything ready.  We'll be debuting four different designs of Blacksburg themed fabric that are super cute, if I do say so myself.  We'll also have the usual bags, baby gifts, zipper pouches, and so on, plus tons of new cotton voile and jersey knit scarves just in time for fall! 

My dream is that it will be cool enough for me to actually wear one of the new scarves while we're there.  Yes, I am one of those people who wishes the end of summer away.  Sorry. 

Joining me at the homestead this week is my favorite work-from-home buddy- Steve!  He set up a work station between my two sewing spots and is pleasantly clicking away at his keyboard.  Also, we got to eat lunch together.  Dreamy. 
Let's share recipes on Wednesday, shall we?  I need to talk about something other than sewing for a minute or two. 

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  1. This post is amazing! First, the bags are so cute I can hardly stand it. Second, I can imagine all of the fun you and Steve are having while he works from home. Third, I cannot wait to see what recipe you share. Finally, pillows in the galvanized tub! I knew it would look cute!



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