Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Recently, I felt like Rumpelstiltskin.  Does that ever happen to you? 

You know- you're sitting in your sewing chair with the machine whirring along and three big spools of gold thread whipping around in circles and all of a sudden you think "I'm spinning gold!". 

No?  Just me? 

At first, I thought that I may be Rapunzel, but after mulling that over for a few minutes I realized that she's the one with the hair.  I'm sure they get mistaken for each other a lot though, what with the tricky "R" names. 

I've got sewing on the brain, pretty much all the time these days (except for when I'm mixing up fairy tale characters).  I talked to my sister on the phone this morning for at least 30 straight minutes about nothing but business until I finally realized what I was doing, apologized, and asked what was new with her. 

When Steve gets home from work, I try to give him a few minutes of down time before I explode with questions and new ideas and things I need his help with.  Mostly involving fabric design, these days.  You can see one of our Charlotte themed designs in the picture above- super exciting! 

I made some headway on the 100 handle goal yesterday- I finished 33 before I ran out of both wool and gray thread and my neck was stuck at a weird angle.  Today will be spent restocking supplies and plowing onward.  I'm also trying my very first recipe from the new cookbook.  I'll do a full book review on Friday, so stop in if you like that sort of thing. 


  1. I'm dying to know what your new cookbook is!

  2. Love, love, love the new NC fabric!



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