Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We spent a good part of last Saturday in Davidson, a cute little college town about 30 miles north of here.  Steve and I love small towns and Davidson does not disappoint: it's got a main street with shops and restaurants, a farmer's market, and plenty of trees and parks.  While we usually wander around campus, one of our favorite places to stage shop photos, this time we checked out a little park with a lake. 

The cherry trees were just starting to bloom and it was beautiful.  I may love blooming trees even more than flowers because they're so big.  The weather was that kind of perfect where you can't even feel the breeze against your skin because it is the exact same temperature. 

We took hundreds of pictures of my new spring collection.  Eventually the geese climbed up out of the water to investigate.  Here is a picture of me turning around just in time to surprise the goose that was sneaking up behind me.  I think he was probably after the yellow bag.  Who can blame him? 

The fun and the blooming trees did not stop at the park though.  We headed downtown for more pictures and brunch outside. 

I have a major weakness for breakfast foods.  And I love them even more if I'm not eating them early in the morning.  Poached eggs at 12:30pm?  Yes, please. 

Steve was completely enamored with the trees and kept propping things in them to photograph.  These trees were in a courtyard directly adjacent to the patio we'd been eating on.  There was an older man on the patio, still eating, who could not take his eyes off the photographer putting stuff in the trees.  I giggled a bit when I realized that Steve was also wearing two of the purses I made and that could be the reason for all the staring. 

This week, I am editing photos and writing descriptions and getting ready for the big spring product launch on Friday!  Can't wait to show off more of what I've been working on!


  1. nothing i love more than steve wearing a purse or two!!

  2. Can't wait to see your spring collection! The cherry blossoms are amazing!



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