Friday, March 16, 2012


This morning I am listening to samples of The Folka Dots CD and thinking about if it will be the next one we add to our collection.  The songs are a mixture of wistful love and country square dance and they sound like summer. 

It's been one of those weeks where I feel like I'm frantically scrambling to get everything done and I am ready for a weekend and a chance to slow down a bit.  I'm also ready for next week, when I won't be quite as consumed with my spring collection and can take care of a few necessary chores, like vacuuming all the spiderwebs I found yesterday when I went to unplug the iron. 

I'm ready for food cooked and eaten outside, for windows open, for reading in the hammock. 

Later today, I am mailing off two orders, putting the finishing touches on the spring collection samples, and sprucing up the house a bit.  Hope your weekend is sunny! 

1 comment:

  1. we fired up our grill last week too:)



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