Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a learning experience

While every new group of products I design is different, my new spring collection is the most different.  Which also means that I have done the most learning with these projects.  And if you recall, I love learning new things

I have learned the basics of working with new-to-me materials like linen and canvas and wool.  I've learned to use the embroidery software that came with my new machine and only fight with it a little.  I've learned to put in magnetic snap closures. 

I've learned to work with ultra heavyweight interfacing to make super handy canvas bins.  I've learned that there are an endless number of things that can be organized with these bins. 

I've learned to make gray wool bag handles that I am so smitten with that I've already cut them off of one bag that was deemed unworthy of such amazing handles.  I'm not messing around- I love these handles. 

And I've learned some of the old lessons all over again- that projects always take longer than you think they will; that leaving the iron on the hottest setting really can melt synthetic fibers; that I really am happiest when I'm creating something with my hands. 

Today is such an amazingly beautiful day that I'm considering how much of my work could be done outside on the patio.  Or I may just open all the windows and let the outside in!

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