Friday, March 23, 2012

letters from camp

You may remember the mess I've been making lately.  It started in January with an inspiration board and lots of crumpled up paper. 

It progressed to pencil sketches.  And lots of crumpled up paper. 

Before I even start the design phase of any project, I like to have a vision for how it will be used.  For this collection, I pictured sunny days at the lake or farmer's market; spring cleaning and organizing, bright, clear colors; sailboats and the Kentucky Derby. 

I also wanted it to have a classic, vintage feel, so when I needed a font, "Typewriter" was the obvious choice.  I think that each piece feels sort of like a note from the past, or, even better, a letter from camp.  Practical and no-nonsense, while still being fun and ready for adventure.   

I wanted the collection to be somewhat customizable, so you will see that each item comes in a couple different colors and can be embroidered with any of the three designs I drew.  My plan is to add new designs seasonally as well, which I am very excited about. 

So: the items.  The first thing I thought of was a super sturdy canvas tote.  After going through three prototypes, I finally hit on the perfect size/shape/stability.  It stands up on its own.  The handles are super comfy (and- hello!- they're gray).  The bottom is strong enough to carry your veggies from the market or your library books to the beach.  I love this tote.  I'm already planning to make more to keep. 

Then- I redesigned the ever popular day bag (in fact, I only have one of the old style left, so grab it if you want it).  I kept the body of the bag the same shape and size, but gave it one sling style strap instead of two straps.  I also added larger interior slip pockets and a magnetic snap to keep the whole thing closed.  One thing that I love about this collection is that you could get your favorite image embroidered on both a day bag and a zipper pouch to toss inside. 

I also made a few non-bag items, like the canvas cubes (shown here) and these linen pillows.  I think the embroidery work lends itself well to simple items, like throw pillows, where you can really admire the design.  This horse pillow has been hanging out in the family room all week and I am already planning Derby snacks in my head. 

After sewing like my hands were on fire for three weeks straight, it has been a welcome change this week to take some pictures and finally do a few things around the house.  I'm looking forward to a sunny weekend- hope yours is lovely! 

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