Thursday, March 08, 2012

spring forward

Going outside to investigate what's in bloom was the highlight of my day yesterday.  The air was balmy and warm and smelled sweet.  We live pretty close to the Frito-Lay plant, so sometimes the air just smells like potato chips.  Which isn't as nice as you may think, no matter how much you like potato chips. 

But yesterday- sweet like grass clippings and daffodils. 

Our yellow daffodils have been up for weeks now, but we have some fancy white ones too.  Planting close to 200 daffodil bulbs has been one of our best home improvement projects, to date. 

The warm air and flowers popping up have gotten me so excited, that I've started a list in my head of all the things I love about spring:

1- a change of clothing.  Is anyone else about to throw their pilly sweaters in the trash? 

 2- leaves on the trees.  Our yard is nice and private and enclosed feeling when the trees are full of leaves.  Not to mention, I like green. 

3- more sunlight! In the winter, I usually want to put on pj's and do almost nothing in the evenings. But if it's light out after dinner? I'm ready for anything! Let's go to the store! Go for a walk! Paint the living room!

4- fresh produce.  If I have to eat one more bean or potato, I might croak.  And, although I have fairly strong opinions about how far my food should have to travel to get to me, I have to admit that I bought strawberries from Florida at the grocery store this week.  It's only three states away.  And they appeared to have had a nice trip. 

5- making summer plans.  Even though practically nothing about our schedule changes in the summer, it still feels fun and vacation-y. 

What's your favorite thing about spring? 

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  1. Nice pictures. My favorite part is the beautiful blooms and the warmer weather too. I can't to see all my little bulbs start to come through my flower bed. we're still getting snow in our area :)



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