Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Boulevard

One of the things that's been keeping us busy this month is our newest retail space at The Boulevard.  The Boulevard is an awesome boutique located in the South End area of Charlotte.  We have had such a great time over the past few months visiting the store and getting to know the owners- there is always something cool going on there!  At least twice when we've stopped by, there have been news cameras there, so you know it's a happening place. 

The Boulevard has a great mix of items- everything from clothing to home goods to jewelry to baby stuff.  They also have lots of awesome refinished furniture.  Most of the items are made by local artists (like me!), so everything is very unique. 

We stopped by earlier this week to drop off a few more items for my little display spot.  It's pretty surreal for me to see things I've made in a store.  I love it when I walk in and see someone checking out my stuff and I just get to watch them for a moment (is that creepy?  I promise I'm not creepy...). 

Another cool thing about retail is that I don't have to photograph everything I make!  It's so easy to just sew something up and drop it off at a store that it almost feels like cheating. 

Speaking of photographs, be sure to check out the new scarf pictures in the shop.  Every time we go somewhere, I try to wear a different scarf so that Steve can photograph it.  I've already sold out of a couple of colors, but there are still plenty of good ones left! 

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