Tuesday, May 01, 2012

oh the places we go

Believe it or not, we had time for something other than strawberry picking and eating last weekend.  We also did a little exploring!  Our first stop was The Boulevard- a little boutique that carries locally made goods.  The prices are surprisingly low for handmade items and they had a great selection of stuff ranging from jewelry and bags to clothing and furniture.  Seems like a great spot to pick up a gift!

Our next stop was Modern Fabrics, which we had never heard of, but passed on the way in.  They sell designer textiles at a significant discount and had tons of fabric!  Steve and I were most excited about the basket of leather remnants we found in the back.  We have secret leather-working dreams over here.  We chose a remnant to take home and play around with and they were kind enough to give it to us for free! 

After all the shopping, we headed to the Little Sugar Creek Greenway.  Charlotte has an amazing system of greenways and is constantly working on more.  There are 37 miles of developed greenway so far and 150 miles yet to be finished!  The greenways are paved paths that usually cut through scenic areas and connect parts of the city. 

The Little Sugar Creek Greenway was recently expanded and they were having a festival to celebrate.  Arts, crafts, and food vendors were set up along both sides and there were also concerts going on throughout the day. 

We ended up doing a TON of walking, but it was so much fun!  The greenway runs along a creek and there are lots of birds and wildflowers, but still all within sight of the city.  Amazing. 

Thanks for all the kind comments about the new blog design!  I love to hear what you think!


  1. I found your post on Design Mom's link-up. Perfect timing for me because I am visiting family in Charlotte next week! I will be sure to check out the Greenway. Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a fun area! My parents live in Wilmington, NC & my husband & I are always looking for fun get-aways we can go on while my parents watch my daughter. We'll have to keep this in mind :)



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