Wednesday, May 16, 2012

eye on the prize

Can you blame me if I happen to still be posting pictures of our weekend, and it's Wednesday?  (Also, can you tell me how it got to be Wednesday already?)

I mean, first of all- we had so much fun that my mind is still halfway back on Saturday.  The girls found a cat on a leash, of all things, and were so thrilled you'd have thought we took them to Carowinds.  I'm sure it was almost as good. 

And secondly- who has time to take pictures anymore?!?  I've spent the past two days simultaneously trying to return our house to its normal, child-free state, while juggling several large sewing projects.  Last night when Steve got home from work and asked what our dinner options were, I glanced around the kitchen and said, "Eggs?.... or, um....eggs." 

We went out. 

Today is my day to use the car, which means errands all day long.  I bought 30 rolls of toilet paper and 8 boxes of tissues.  I forgot to buy coffee, but that's okay because we don't actually drink it that often anyway. 

I find that the best way to make it through a super busy week or month is to keep my eye on the prize.  In this case, "the prize" is Friday, when Steve will be off work and we will sit in our lounge chairs, sipping cool drinks, and talking about whatever we want.  For as long as we want.  Or until we get hungry and decide to go out and get dinner. 

I can hardly wait.  


  1. Your weekends sound fun :). I want to spend Friday night at your house!

  2. Yay more fun pics!!! can't wait to see them all but these are some good ones. been thinking of you all day- xo

  3. Such beautiful pictures of such beautiful people! xoxox yum yum



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