Monday, May 07, 2012

Derby day

Happy Monday, friends!  I hope your weekend was as pleasant as ours was! 

In addition to having some old friends staying with us, which was awesome, we also threw a little Kentucky Derby party.  I spent all of Friday in the kitchen preparing the food, which made for sore feet on Friday, but a relaxing day on Saturday. 

Steve and I made this awesome poster with our big roll of brown paper.  It has all the horses listed on it and everyone got to pick their top three horses.  Our guests ranged from guys who were phoning friends to get horse advice, to our sweet friend, Sherry, who voted for all the horses that nobody else picked.  The winner was promised some sort of plaque at next year's party, so the stakes were very high. 

We played croquet and the weather was perfect.  All day I worried it would rain, but it never did.  Normally I like the rain, just not on party days. 

Eventually, the mosquitoes chased us inside.  Everyone lingered in the kitchen and helped polish off some of the leftovers that couldn't be saved.  Such helpful friends! 

We're in the middle of the season (I think this happens every spring) where our house feels like a bed and breakfast.  Our guests left yesterday and we are expecting a new crew to show up by noon today.   We used our 24 hours of empty house to hang out in our lounge chairs and have a dinner date, so now we're recharged and ready for more friends!  And, thankfully, we still have some party leftovers to feed them.

Over the past week, Steve has been working on some stop motion photography and has made some really cool videos.  I asked him to set up a camera to take pictures before and during the party on Saturday.  It's so fun to be able to see the whole afternoon in one minute- click here to check it out! 

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