Wednesday, May 30, 2012

the joy of libraries

One important item on our beach trip preparation list was a visit to the library. 

I also love to read on the beach.  I like to take at least five books, just in case I want to read a whole one every day.  I almost never do, but it's nice to be prepared. 

But there's more than just books!  Magazines make perfect beach reading, because sometimes there is way too much going on to focus on a book.  I have been saving all the magazines that came in the mail this month, specifically to enjoy on this trip.  I picked up a few more at the library to round out the group. 

Steve and I checked out the movie section and ended up with a stack of six that we wanted to see.  We narrowed it down to two, but plan to go back later for the rest.  The library is a great place to find older movies, which is something we have trouble finding, being primarily RedBox movie-watchers. 

Sometimes I'm just amazed that there is this place where I can go to get books and magazines and movies- all for free!  It seems like there should be a catch or something. 

I'm probably working my way through my stack of books as you read this, but don't worry- I always try really hard not to get sand in them.   

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