Wednesday, May 23, 2012

market totes: the inside scoop

Whenever I design a new product, I always like to try it out for a bit to see if I need to make adjustments.  Is the strap too long?  Are the pockets in the right place?  You know, things like that. 

It's also a great way to get photos of each item in use.  When I originally posted the new market totes a few weeks ago, I didn't have pictures of them in use yet.  But I was just so excited to get them in the shop that I posted the pictures I had and have been slowly updating them.   

Using the totes a bit has given me more insight into what they are especially useful for.  I like to toss in my wallet, phone, and planner for a day of running errands.  They're also great if we are out shopping and just need to pick up a few things- all the items and receipts go straight in the tote and I'm not juggling a bunch of shopping bags.  I plan to use a few to pack for our upcoming beach trip- one for books, one for magazines, one for cell phone chargers and other electronic stuff. 

The totes have been selling so well that I added two more patterns to the collection- first, there's this one, that reminds me of a Downton Abbey fox hunt.  I love the bright red and blue, and those awesome red handles I found for it!  I also love the sketchy look of the drawing, as if you're carrying around a work of art. 

And here's the other new pattern- a subtle fern print that looks like a page out of an old horticulture textbook.  I love the detail in the line drawings and the green and khaki palette.  One of my favorite things about all these market totes is the timeless quality of the prints.  I feel like they would be equally at home on the arm of a sixteen year old or an eighty year old. 

Or a gentleman.  Steve left his lunchbox at work yesterday and ended up packing today's lunch in a market tote.  Talk about swoony. 

I've got a whole stack of totes that are ready to ship out and I'm offering a special coupon this week!  Use the code "SUMMER" to get 10% off your entire order from the shop, today through Friday (5/25).  We're headed out of town next week and any orders placed after this Friday will not ship until June 4th, so be sure to place your order this week!


  1. Just like Dad and his avon tote lunch bag- only real men do that!

  2. Your line about the 16 yr old or the 80 yr old made me laugh! You're right -- I can imagine my sister or my grandma using one.



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