Friday, April 27, 2012


Good news: we ate dinner at the dining room table last night.  There wasn't a rotary cutter or tape measure in sight.  I was pretty proud. 

The lack of sewing supplies in the dining room means that I finished all of the bags I was working on this week.  Remember when I said there were ten? 

Um, there were actually fourteen.  I may have a slight problem.  Sometimes I just can't stop. 

Yesterday I had a fun time, dragging the furniture out onto the front porch and crouching down in the bushes to take pictures.  If I were my neighbors, I'd probably call the police.  Good thing none of them were home. 

Above, you can see the new day bags that will be posted in the shop shortly.  I made a few variations to the previous day bag style that I'm pretty excited about.  My favorite part is that they now have a magnetic snap closure.  I had no idea how much I would like magnetic snaps!  I'm also super excited about the new fabrics- I've been drooling over that yellow and gray chevron all week. 

The other new bags that will be appearing in the shop are these market totes.  I found this fabric from a new Spanish designer and knew I had to make something with it.  So the totes were specifically designed around the fabric, which is not my usual method, but I think it worked well in this case.  The market totes are very light and simple, with super cool handles in two different lengths!  They are also very affordable- I think they'd make great gifts. 

I couldn't bear to throw away the scrap pieces from my new fabric, so I decided to make fabric ribbons with them!  I cut long strips, about 1 1/2" wide, and finished the edges with my serger. 

I'm going to include a length of fabric ribbon as free gift with every order for a while.  I love it when I get bonus gifts with an order and want everyone who gets a Plumfield Shop package in the mail (or delivered by hand) to feel super appreciated. 

I'm so excited about the upcoming weekend!  We've got lots of great food in the fridge, and some new lounge chairs to hang out in.  I think we've finished all the heavy duty yard work, so now we get to sit around and enjoy it!

Today is the final day for voting in the Handmade Olympics... if you haven't yet, would you pop over and vote for my summer tote

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