Monday, April 30, 2012

the best ten pounds I ever gained

Happy Monday, friends!  I'm so excited you're here today, because I have something big to show off- my new blog design!  Steve and I have been working so hard over the past few weeks on a fresher, cleaner look for the blog and we finally finished up last night!  You may still see a few small changes here and there over the coming weeks, but I think we got the big stuff done. 

In addition to blog work, we also went strawberry picking.  This is the second year that we've gone picking here in Charlotte at Hall Family Farm.  It was cloudy and gray on Saturday, which happened to be perfect picking weather. 

Remembering how quickly we went through our berries last year, we resolved to pick even more this time.  After about an hour of picking (with plenty of breaks for photo taking), we weighed in with ten pounds of berries. 

(At one point, when I had almost filled my bucket and Steve had maybe picked ten berries because he was so busy taking pictures, I called out, "Remember- whoever picks the most berries gets to eat the most berries!".  Turns out, he was filming me at the time, so we will forever have the memory of how poor I am at sharing...)

There was banjo music playing through a bunch of outdoor speakers that really made the morning perfect.  Berry picking?  Awesome.  Berry picking to banjo music?  Amazing. 

So far, we've been eating the berries by the handful, on our cereal, and covered in chocolate (I know- romantic!).  I have plans for freezing a bunch for summertime smoothies, and I've also got my eye on this strawberry cream pie that I'd like to make. 

In other fruit news, here is the pineapple top that I mentioned last week.  Check out all those roots!  It's almost outgrown the jar, so we're debating on where to plant it next. 

All the new market totes and day bags have been listed in the shop and one of the totes has already sold- be sure to check them out before they're gone!


  1. This looks AMAZING!! Travis said it looks like a magazine which is a huge compliment.

  2. I love the blog look!

  3. hmm.. wish I could be there to be eat strawberry cream pie! Blog looks great :)



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