Monday, April 02, 2012

when you can hear the walls creak

It's 3pm on Monday and I am still coming down from the weekend.  I am alone in the house, for the first time in five days, and it feels strange.  Nice, but strange.  I can hear all the regular house noises that are covered up by five people talking and playing guitars and embroidering things and generally having fun.

We spent a beautiful day at the lake, kayaking and picnicking.  I took off my shoes and reintroduced my ghostly white feet to the sunshine.  It was great. 

There are lots of places that I'd like to live, but on a lake is definitely in the top five. 

We showed Steve's family all of our favorite spots- the farmer's market, the view from Steve's office, our patio.  We also introduced some of them to self-serve frozen yogurt.  I think it was a hit, because we went twice in two days. 

Saturday night we went out for sushi and bocce ball.  We played on a big lawn right in the middle of the shopping center.  It felt kind of like we were in a movie. 

We had lots of fun with our guests.  We're always so thankful that people make the effort to come visit!

Today the lack of people has me feeling disoriented.  I've been wandering from room to room, staring at the piles of laundry.  Sometimes I move them around.  I ran the vacuum, both out of necessity and for a bit of noise.  I think it takes a few days to get back to normal, after a big visit. 

I'm working on some pictures of the laundry room curtain and will be back with those tomorrow.  Is anyone else getting excited about Easter?  I can't wait!

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