Friday, October 26, 2012

feeling lucky

I don't enter a lot of blog giveaways.  But occasionally, there will be something that I'd love to have so much that I'm willing to put forth the extra effort to leave a comment and hope for the best. 
Here's the other thing: I almost always forget that I've entered.  Because I'm not really expecting to win, I suppose. 

So when I found out that I was the big winner of the velvet pumpkin giveaway on The Lettered Cottage, I was properly shocked.  Shocked and thrilled! 
I'd seen these amazing pumpkins from LoveFeast Table on several blogs this fall and was struck with how elegant they are.  The colors are perfect and the natural stems are awesome- where do they find all those stems?!
The pumpkins arrived this week (all six of them!) and it was a bit like Christmas.  I dug through the packing peanuts, pulling out beauty after beauty and when Steve and I tried to pick a favorite color, we just couldn't.  Every color is my favorite. 
So far, I've moved them to three different spots in the house.  I want to be able to see them at all times, so I'm looking for the perfect location.  And you can consider this your warning- if you come over around Christmas, there may still be pumpkins out. 
Hope you have a pumpkin-filled weekend! 



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