Tuesday, October 09, 2012

a chill in the air

We had such a full weekend.  In the best way.  Don't you just love weekends that are the perfect mix of relaxation and accomplishment? 
My mom came in for a night- something we'd been looking forward to all week.  We had an action packed day while she was here, but she is a champ and is usually up for anything.  Then, Sunday afternoon, my brother flew in and we got to spend a few hours with him before he headed off to his next destination. 
On Sunday, we also had an amazing business lunch with some new friends- Sabrina and Dana.  They both live here in Charlotte and run super successful Esty shops.  I was so happy to meet them and pick their brains and we came away with a task list and lots of great ideas! 

It's amazing to me how a season can sneak up on you literally overnight.  We spent most of Saturday wearing shorts and photographing butterflies, but by the time we finished dinner on Sunday, it was cold and blustery outside!
As a result of the change in weather, Steve and I kicked it into high-gear fall mode and stocked up on pumpkins over the weekend.  We also started burning pumpkin and cranberry candles AND pulled out our slippers. 

I've got lots to share this week, but at the moment find myself needing to move around the house to warm up.  The joys of fall! 


  1. I love the way you displayed your pumpkins!

  2. Oh..loved seeing the California boy! ...at least in this picture, I haven't actually laid eyes on him myself, but I know how these trips go:) Happy Fall Lauren! I always look forward to seeing your posts come in my email! And I am really looking forward to all your delicious soup recipes complete with pictures coming my way as the air chills! Yay!



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