Friday, October 19, 2012

airport overlook

Did you know that one of the things we love about Charlotte is the airport?  I'm not even joking- Charlotte has a fantastic airport.  It is big enough to have tons of flights, but somehow never seems overwhelming.  AND there is a short term parking deck where you can park for under 30 minutes for free!  It's perfect for running inside to surprise someone at baggage claim. 
As many times as we've been to the airport here, last week was the first time we had been to the airport overlook.  We went around 6pm, which is a really busy time for flights, and watched tons of planes take off and a few land.  I always find myself holding my breath during the landing- even if I'm not on the plane!
One thing we were surprised by was the number of people there.  The parking lot was pretty full and there were lots of families- some with picnics- hanging out to watch the planes. 
I couldn't believe that they used the same runway for take offs and landings.  I counted 40 seconds between one plane leaving and another one touching down in the exact same spot.  It made me nervous just watching how close they were!
Speaking of the airport, I'm on my way there right now to pick up my sister.  We're always so excited to have her here and I can't wait to get started on our weekend.  Hope yours is lovely!

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