Monday, October 22, 2012

good sports

Saturday was Full.  We had an ambitious to-do list and somehow managed to make it through every last item and have a little fun as well. 
We started the day before the sun came up with a yard sale.  I consider it a total success for the following reasons:
We did almost no prep work.
We invited our neighbors to sell stuff too, and they did, and we got to hang out with them into the bargain.
When it was over, we did not have a single thing left.  You heard me.  No final trip to Goodwill, even.  A family who had stopped by previously came back at the end and we sent them with everything.  What a deal. 

As if hosting a successful yard sale wasn't enough, we spent the afternoon running errands, taking shop photos, and digging through huge bins of fabric scraps. 

I just need to stop for a minute and say that Steve and Cameron are such good sports.  Steve spent the better part of the afternoon wearing a blazer and wool scarf and sweating it out while I took pictures of him.  Cameron flew all the way down here to help with our yard sale and at one point during the fabric dig, there may have been more of her in the bin than out of it.  I sure am lucky to have those two.

Thankfully, Sunday was way less eventful.  Our lounge chairs got some heavy use, which always makes for a good day.  I think that a busy day followed by a day of rest is the perfect weekend formula. 

Today, I am so excited to get full-steam-ahead started on my new fall/winter product line!  I showed a sneak preview of it here and the new men's scarves are also a part of it, but I have several new patterns that I'm trying out with lots of leather accents on everything!  My goal is to have everything finished by November 3rd (for the first Plumfield Party of the season!) and posted in the shop the following week. 
ps- It's not too late to schedule your very own Plumfield Party!  Let me know if you're interested in having a ton of fun and getting some free products!

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