Wednesday, October 24, 2012

King's Drive Farmer's Market

Recently, we visited the King's Drive Farmer's Market for the first time.  It is not the closest farmer's market to our house, but we were in the area and thought we'd stop in. 
The mums there were amazing and I had to restrain myself from buying them all. 
I thought that the produce selection was pretty great.  Lots of variety, however it was difficult to tell how local some items are.  But the prices were good, and often that is my main motivation for buying from a market versus the grocery store. 
As an exciting added bonus, they had about a million pumpkins!  We had already gotten pumpkins for the front porch, but were really interested in some of the gourds. 
We brought home one of these cute pear-shaped gourds.  I love that they all still have their stems attached. 
The farmer's market is right across the street from the Little Sugar Creek Greenway, so we were able to take a walk when we were done browsing. 
Today I'm cutting leather and flannel and dreaming of a fire in the fireplace- it won't be long now!

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