Friday, October 05, 2012

modular workbench

Last weekend, Steve drew up the plans to build these handy workbench/storage tables for our garage.  We wanted one long, narrow surface along the back of the garage, so we ended up making five tables that fit together.  It's great because they're easy to move around or reconfigure as needed. 

Each table is made from a combination of 2x4s, 1x1s, and plywood.  Four of the tables have a bottom shelf, but we left the shelf off the one at the end to accommodate the recycling bin. 

You can see that our flag has found a new home in the garage for the winter.  We still have to organize properly and put everything away, but I already love what the tables are doing for the space!  We're planning another garage sale in a few weeks- a great excuse to edit what we have and move things around. 
Today I'm finishing up a few odds and ends and looking forward to the long Columbus day weekend ahead.  We've got a few things planned and visitors on Saturday night, but I think that we will try to squeeze in a picnic and some relaxation on Monday!  I'll meet you back here on Tuesday with pictures!


  1. Love the garage! It's because of the two of you that mine looks so awesome!
    Love you

  2. If we had a garage, we'd totally do that, well that is if we didn't have a newborn... and black widows... nor a van... well i doubt we'd do it, but it looks great and so glad you guys did :) xoxo



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