Monday, July 11, 2011

a little bit famous

Back in the dead of winter, I was contacted by the editor of "Simply Handmade" magazine about featuring some of my projects in their June/July issue.  Obviously, I was super flattered.  I even braved the snow to take the items to the UPS store. 

As the year wore on, I almost forgot about the whole thing.  You know how it is. 

But last week, a huge box appeared on my doorstep and I hadn't even ordered anything!  Inside, I found the two projects I'd sent (this and this), plus copies of the magazines (they featured my items in two different ones by the same parent company) and a bunch of bonus scrapbooking paper and stickers. 

At first, frantic glance, I didn't see either of my items and thought that they didn't make the final cut.  But then I found them!  Right there in glossy magazine print! 

It feels super official, having something published, like I am making real stuff.  That probably sounds  silly, but if you see something day after day and you made it in your own living room all barefoot and ponytailed and you know how many times you ripped that one seam out, it just doesn't seem super professional.  It seems like regular old you, sewing regular old items.  Certainly not magazine worthy. 

So I find it especially gratifying when I get to see that other people appreciate my work.  The lack of coworkers and performance reviews makes it hard to know how I'm doing sometimes.  And I don't think I could actually get fired, although I might put myself on probation if production slows down too much.

I don't think that people are going to start recognizing me and asking for autographs in Target or anything, but it is fun to be a little famous. 

This is my last day at the front desk and I am greatly looking forward to some time at home.  I've been dreaming about a lattice-topped peach pie all week and can't wait to actually make one.  And eat it, of course.  

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  1. YAY! You're famous. May I have your autograph?



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