Wednesday, July 20, 2011

note to self

Dear Lauren,

Please stop buying semi-gloss paint.  I know that you think you like it.  I know that you always put up a good fight and argue Steve away from that flat stuff he wants to buy.  But I beg of you: STOP AT THE SATIN FINISH!   Do not go any glossier! 

You forget, every time, about how tricky it is to get a smooth surface without brushstrokes.  You forget about how the reflection off the paint will change the color, rendering it completely different that the color you spent hours deciding on. 

I know that you wanted a coffee table the color of... well, coffee.  A rich, deep brown.  You even picked a color called "Barista".  What could be more coffee than that? 

And look what we ended up with- something roughly the color of milk chocolate.  You will now be setting all your drinks and magazines on a giant Hershey bar. 

You'll probably get used to it. 

I'm sure that the color will grow on you and that one day in the not so distant future, you will even come to think that this was exactly what you wanted the coffee table to look like.  Therein lies the danger of the glossy paint- it woos you back every time. 

Stand strong.  Remain firm in your decision to never again purchase glossy paint.  Re-read this note before making any major painting decisions. 

Now stop staring at the coffee table and get back to work.  That fabric on the ironing board isn't going to cut itself. 

Best wishes for a brighter painting future,


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