Friday, July 08, 2011

on location

I have some dark, fairly blurry pictures to show of where I've been all week.  I am filling in for a friend and answering phones at the church I used to work at.  This actually used to be my job, answering the phones here, and thankfully I still remember what most of the buttons do.  And I think I've only hung up on one person.  Not too shabby. 

The receptionist's desk is right next to the front door, so I get to see a bit of daylight.  The desk is also located conveniently close to the ladies room, the coffee maker, and the fireplace.  It's not a bad "office" at all.  One of my favorite things about working at this desk in the winter was that I could turn on the fireplace with a remote.  One of my least favorite things was the proximity to the front door.  The two things did not necessarily cancel each other out, because I was still always cold. 

I worked at the church for several years, so I have a history with most things here.  I remember when the new carpet was put in and the bathroom was remodeled. 

I remember helping pick the fabric for the chairs, stuffing candles by the fireplace for the Christmas Eve service, and often finding goodies set out on the coffee station.  This lobby is where we held most staff events too, so we'd move out the furniture, bring in tables and chairs, and cover the front desk with desserts.  I've attended baby showers and going away parties in this room.  I know that you can't leave the door propped open or the chipmunk will come in and that the bird singing loudly is not actually stuck in the chimney, but sitting on top of it.  I helped choose the color and brightness of the light bulbs in the overhead fixtures. 

It's been good to be back, but I have missed my sewing machine and look forward to next week when we will be reunited.  We have a busy weekend ahead and I feel like renaming the dog days of summer the "dog-tired days" because I am plumb wore out from all this activity.  When I find myself in a frantic scramble of days like this, I like to make lists of the relaxing things I will do when the busyness subsides.  Things like: bake bread, wash all the glasses by hand, start a new quilt. 

I hope you find something relaxing to get into this weekend. 

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