Monday, July 25, 2011

scenes from the weekend

Saturday morning at 6am, we were tying balloons together and being thankful for our air compressor. 

Things only got more fun from there. 

Unfortunately, it was mainly Steve and I who got to enjoy the balloon banner in its entirety, as the brown ones kept popping in the heat.  We got the idea from Design Mom's blog and I would love to try it again sometime.  Say, on a day that is cooler than 100 degrees. 

We were throwing a shower (along with some other friends) for sweet Kayla who is getting married next month.  It was a delightful morning and we ended up with tons of fun pictures that I will be sharing later in the week, once I've had time to go through them all. 

But until then, I'll wet your whistle with this:

I probably don't need to point this out, but it was not your typical shower.  As Steve later commented about the ladies in this picture- "They were really into it."

After the shower, we gave ourselves the rest of the weekend to relax and do mostly nothing.  It was fantastic.  I checked out my newest Better Homes and Gardens magazine and almost finished our library book.  (Yes, our library book.  We like to read the same books sometimes, okay?  We're bffs.)

We also ran through the sprinkler, watched the birds, and watered the plants. 

All in all it was a grand weekend and it has left me missing my sidekick more than ever today while he is at work.  I'm keeping busy though with laundry, library, and a bit of sewing.  Check back in tomorrow and I'll have some more party pictures and the menu to share! 

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