Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday list

Wake up (reluctantly).

Make big bowls of fruit and yogurt for breakfast.

Send Steve off to work (with my cell phone, unknownst to either of us).

Start mowing the lawn. 

Unclog the mower about six times. 

Find a nest of bunnies in the front yard.  Try not to mow bunnies that are leaping all around. 

Finally give up mowing the front yard- see above.

Mow the back yard.  Finish mowing just as the rain begins.  Cheer a little.

Start making peach pie.  Eat some peaches while working. 

Roll out crust.  Cut lattice top with this fancy crust cutting thingy.  Wonder who gave me this handy tool. 

Finally get crust in pie dish. 

Check the clock and note that the recipe says it takes "30 minutes hands on time".  Wonder if I am an especially slow pie maker.

After noticing the time, wonder why Steve hasn't called yet. 

Remember that Steve has my phone.

Pour peaches into crust.  Squish them down a little so they fit.

Study the picture in the magazine and attempt to make a lattice top.  Take lots of pictures of the lattice top because I'm pretty proud of it. 

Finally clean up kitchen while pie is baking. 

Decide that ice cream is needed to go with the pie.  Start making vanilla ice cream.

Admit that what I really want is vanilla bean ice cream.  Steal a vanilla bean from the jar in the pantry where it is supposed to be soaking in vodka and making vanilla extract.  Wonder about the effects of vodka on the ice cream.  Decide that they can only be positive.

Scrape seeds out of vanilla beans and mix everything together in the ice cream maker. 

Pull the pie out of the oven.  Drool a little. 

Wonder if I have to wait for Steve to get home to eat some. 

Feel inspired to vacuum the whole house while it smells like pie.  Even get out the attachments and vacuum cobwebs out of the corners.  Wonder why we have so many cobwebs that it appears we are living in a haunted house. 

Check my list for the day.  Note that I have only completed three items, but it is already 4:00.  Feel a bit defeated. 

Glance at the pie.  Spirits are boosted. 

I'm beat, but before I begin my weekend, here are some of the recipes from Mom's party:
Smoky Chicken Barbecue Kabobs

Veggie Potato Salad

Blue Cheese Bacon Dip

The dip is an old favorite, but the other two were new to me and both really good.  The potato salad is especially great for a big group! 

Hope your weekend is as sweet as peach pie!

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  1. That pie looks amazing and I would love a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream laced with vodka



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