Wednesday, July 13, 2011

high seas adventure

Last weekend we were able to sneak away for a couple of hours for some relaxing time on the lake with friends.  After the hectic pace we'd been keeping, it was nice to float for a bit. 

We headed out to a sandbar where the water is only about five feet deep.  It's a hang out spot of sorts and has two floating hot dog stands.  Fierce competition on the high seas. 

The thing I love about boats is that no matter how hot it is outside, the air is bearable when you're racing through it over the water.  Not that we were racing.  We were driving at a very sensible speed, I'm sure. 

Although we did get pulled over by the lake police.  If you look closely, you can see the flashing blue light on top of their boat.  It was all very exciting, as I've never been pulled over in a boat before.  It was just a routine check, but still.  I've never even seen boat police. 

Our fearless captain and his trusty skipper had everything in order, so we were soon on our way again.

Afterwards, we spent a quiet evening at home, resting and being thankful for our generous friends.  Sun and water were just the things to start our week off on the right foot. 

I'm back at home this week and couldn't be happier to be here.  In between working on my list of relaxing things and getting the house back in order, I am stitching up a large order of cupcake flags that is going all the way to France!  Oooo la la!  I love international orders!  I am hoping to get some pictures before I mail them all off, although I do not plan on baking 60 cupcakes this week, so these won't be "action" shots.  Also, on Friday I will be sharing some of the recipes from Mom's birthday bash, because I've been dreaming of recreating that delicious meal.  Maybe this weekend!

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