Tuesday, July 26, 2011

kayla + david = germany

I've never thrown a shower before for someone who was leaving the country.  After planning the obvious things (food, decorations), we were left with the question: What will we do if there are no gifts to open?
Kayla and David will be purchasing their wedding gifts on the other side (other side=Germany) and did not do a traditional registry.  So the challenge was to come up with some fun, memorable, non-gifty shower activities. 

Helllloooo photobooth. 

I have been checking out photobooths online for a while now and was just dying to try one out.  Oh Happy Day, one of my favorite blogs, has lots of great examples of fun props and backdrops to use.  We even found these amazing printable props there- everything from mustaches to sunglasses to bow ties.  We printed the ones we liked best on cardstock and then hot glued wooded kabob skewers to them for handles- super easy and cheap! 

For the backdrop, we used two big canvas drop cloths that we bought for painting.  We strung them between a tree and the house and weighted the corners down with rocks. 

And we hung the balloon banner.  Sigh.  This is what it looked like before they all started popping. 

Along with the printable props, we also set out some hats, scarves, aprons, and other things we found around the house. 

Doesn't the bride-to-be look smashing in a monocle? 

We had a few younger ladies at the shower and I think they were glad to be able to participate in the pictures.

If you're wondering how we lured people outside to have their picture taken in 100 degree heat, all the credit goes to this guy in the "Press" hat.  He can be very persuasive.  Just ask me- I married him.

I'm so thankful that all these ladies were willing to get out there and be silly so that we can make Kayla a super cool scrapbook.  What a thin, easily packable gift. 

I have known Kayla since she was 13 and have loved watching her grow up.  She has a kind and gentle spirit and a wise heart and I am so excited for her as she begins this new life adventure. 

Aside from taking silly pictures, we also ate some great food.  The shower was in the morning, so we opted for a brunch menu.  Here's what we had:

Granola and Yogurt Parfaits (recipe here)
Pound Cake
Mini Quiche
Fruit Salad
Pimento Cheese and crackers


I'm excited to sit down with Erica and Star (my lovely co-hosts) this week to work on the scrapbook.  Aside from that, I'm sewing away and posting new items in the shop!  Be sure to jump over and check them out



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