Monday, January 24, 2011

Love Stuff

Can you believe it?  The day is finally here.  I'm pumped. 

I am so pleased to introduce.... Love Stuff: bags, gifts, and accessories that will spread your love.  I have spent so much time with these projects over the past several weeks that each one has started to feel like an old friend.  I'm going to take some time today to introduce you to each of them and share a bit of my process and motivation for each design.  And if that sounds totally boring to you, just come back tomorrow when I'll probably be blogging about soup again

Let's start with the love tote.  Now I know that most of us have probably jumped on the reusable shopping bags bandwagon.  I'm all about those bags.  I have a whole stack that sits by the back door and comes with me to the grocery store on Thursdays.  But what about when I run into Target to get some shampoo, toothpaste, and a tank top?  What about when I'm at the library and have a big slidey stack of books to carry to my car?  What about when I stop by Michael's for some more embroidery floss?  What then, I ask you? 

Maybe you're more together than I am.  Maybe you keep your bags in the car (I switch cars, so this doesn't work) or maybe you just always remember.  But I got to thinking- wouldn't it be nice to have a bag that rolled up real small like in my purse?  It would always be there when I needed it and I could stop using plastic bags once and for all! 

So I designed the love tote.  It is made from the most buttery soft red linen and is truly a joy just to hold.  I stitched the word "love" across the front because as soon as I saw that linen, I knew that it needed bright white stitches running across it.  I could just tell. 

Now that I have the tote though, I can't quite bring myself to roll it up in my purse.  I put my knitting supplies in it, just to see, and have been moving them around the house with me.  It's quite nice, really. 

Next up: the heartbreaker scarf.  This has the same construction as the night garden scarf (that sold out) and the slow dance scarf (one left in the shop!).  It's silky.  It's bright and cheerful.  It's a good thing I made more than one.  I am totally enamored by these silky scarves and am going to shop for some more prints to offer in the shop next month!

The workhorse of the group: dish towels.  Because practical things should be beautiful too, right?  I love this sturdy woven cotton toweling and I love how the simple letters and heart shapes look stitched on it.  I think these would make great gifts, wrapped around something tasty or with a nice set of wooden spoons. 

This little heart pocket was invented on a snow day as I tried to imagine how I would like to receive a Valentine's day treat.  What could be sweeter than a stuffed heart with a pocket for gifts?  I designed the pocket to fit a gift card, jewelry, or a small bit of candy, but the possibilities are really endless.  And I think it would be equally delightful to both adults and children.  I would like to surprise someone by leaving it on the breakfast table for them to find on Valentine's day.  However, as Steve has been looking at all these projects for weeks now, I may have to leave the breakfast surprise up to you.  I think he'd recognize it. 

And last, but certainly not least- the zipper pouches.  Can you ever have enough?  I think we all know the answer to that one. 

I wanted to make a set of two pouches with complimentary fabrics because I am thinking of most of these items as gifts.  I also really wanted to make a long skinny pencil pouch, but thought it needed a larger friend by its side.  Upon creating the pencil pouch, I got out my colored pencils and then felt so inspired that I think we may have another art night soon.  Watercolor night was so much fun

If you want to see more pictures, head over to the shop.  Yesterday's photo shoot was lots of fun and I think we got some great shots! 

Wishing you a lovely day!


  1. I love the heart pillow, and have a girls have little pillows with a pocket on them for Tooth Fairy pillows! Your heart pillows would be perfect for little ones to tuck their little baby teeth into, and waking up to see what is left in the pocket:)

  2. hahaha it's true, one can never have enough zipper pouches. what a fun post! also, thanks for visiting my blog AND leaving a comment :)



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