Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last Saturday we spent the afternoon at the Old Lucketts Store.  It is located in a village by the same name- a village!  How cute is that?!   The store is a combination of antiques, shabby chic, and yard sale.
I really wanted the green wire shelf in the picture above.  I could just imagine all my spools of thread in it. 

If we had a truck, we would have come away with some serious furniture.  Oh, the limits of a sedan!  Since each room was stocked by different vendors, there was a wide variety of prices and some were very reasonable.  And as we are on another mini furniture hunt (that is a hunt for a few pieces of furniture, not a hunt for very small furniture) everything was looking good to me. 
We got some great ideas for repurposing stuff that we currently own.  It was an idea-inspiring kind of place and that is a place worth shopping, in my book. 

I refrained from buying any more silver.  I think we're full up on the glitz for now. 
The one item that I did purchase, a decorative metal hook, is going to be used for some shop photos.  Steve is making a few display boards for me and I plan to anchor it on to one.  That Steve.  He's so handy. 
So.  I've just finished up a few custom orders and now I am back to working on the Valentine's collection.  It has been SO hard not to share more about it as I go and I am super excited about Monday when we will have a tell-all free-for-all. 

Things I'm excited about today: finished projects, The Office, and my new EOS lip balm

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