Monday, January 31, 2011

entourage weekend

Taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather, we got to try out Steve's soccer ball for the first time since he received it at Christmas. 

Taking advantage of the fact that we have one extra set of hands here, we have completed every household project on our list for 2011.  Okay, not quite, but we have sure gotten a lot done.  Our activities have included, but not been limited to: installing a dimmer switch, hanging lots of things on the walls, putting new numbers on the house, and raking leaves.  

I have been feeding the crew delicious meals, so it's not exactly slave labor. 

As I was trying on clothes on Saturday, the saleswoman referred to Steve and Cameron as my "entourage", so I suppose that makes it "entourage labor".  Nothing wrong with that.

This growing collection of silver frames is still hanging out, waiting to be arranged.  In the spirit of the January mantle and new mirror, we are attempting a large wall display of silver items.  I'm pretty excited about it.  

For some reason, having Cameron here gives us a real boldness when it comes to home decor.  We have had several mostly blank walls in our bedroom for three years, but last night was the end of that trend.  In the spirit of Pottery Barn, we hung things in unusual places and even put a hat on the wall.  Cam's suggestions for hat hanging were not super helpful though, as she did not understand that I also intend to wear the hat.  If only I could wear more home decor items, we'd probably have a lot more space.  

Tomorrow we are having sisters birthday shopping extravaganza, and then pork tenderloin and pound cake.  What a way to ring in February!    And, speaking of February (good grief, where did January go?!), later this week I will be posting some tips and ideas for Valentine's day fun. 

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  1. Oh no- my poem is finally gone! I'm sure it's not far ;) I love the hat wall hanging for use and decor!



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