Wednesday, January 26, 2011

scenes from last week

It has been so gray this week that I don't have any pictures of what I've been doing.  Also, it's been mainly cleaning the house and organizing closets and there's nothing terribly pretty about all that. 

But I do have some nice pictures from last week's projects that I wanted to share. 

Like this classy wristlet.  It's the same style as this wristlet, but has such a different look and feel.  I love it!  The black and white canvas, chosen by a classy friend, gives it a large amount of impact for such a small bag.  And do you want to see my favorite part?

 That lime green lining is like biting into a chocolate truffle and finding a raspberry center.  The perfect surprise. 

I've already started making another one to post in the shop, so there will be more pictures to come!

These napkins are a wedding gift, matched exactly to the recipient's registry.  I love matching gifts to registry items and think it must be such a fun surprise to receive something in colors you love (because you registered for them), but that is a total surprise.  The best of both worlds, if you ask me.  Let's put the fun back in gift registries, shall we? 

Also, I don't think I mentioned that, due to weather and other variables, Sunday's photo shoot ended up being in the exotic location of.... our bedroom.  Here's a shot of my favorite photographer, hard at work.  Our bedroom has the best lighting of any room in the house, so it is often used for photos.  It was pretty crowded with both of us milling about in there with our cameras in hand, trying to get good shots.  But crowded in a fun way, like dorm living or having 10 people at an 8 person table for a holiday meal. 

Tomorrow I'll be back with some shots of my new sewing station and maybe a soup recipe, for good measure.  This week's soup is potato leek and it is really hitting the spot on these rainy days. 

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