Friday, January 07, 2011

office space

I love spools of thread organized by color. My thread only looks like this about 5% of the time though because, really, how could you work like this? What about when you need the bottom spool?

But today is a day of organized thread. I have been wanting to redo my workspace a bit for the new year. The January issue of Better Homes and Gardens has some amazingly appealing office spaces and I have found myself coveting them more than once.

Therefore, the productive thing to do, is to turn my workspace into something covet-worthy. So that's what I'm up to.

But today's organizing frenzy was actually inspired by something completely unrelated. The author of a blog that I am going to be featured on later this month (oh my gosh don't worry of course I'll let you know when and where) asked for a picture of my workspace. And I thought- "dang."

My sewing table and supplies really did used to be organized in a cute way. Things have just fallen apart recently. I blame the holidays.

The best thing about organizing all the supplies? Finding things I forgot I had. It's like going shopping, for free.

I'm off to start the weekend now, which will probably include a little relaxing and a little nesting and a big pot of gumbo. Gumbo pictures next week anyone? Okay. Will do.

Also coming next week and peeking at you from the above picture- news about the Valentine's Day collection that I am working on. I haven't finalized all the items yet, so if you have a request, shout it out.

Here's wishing you a weekend full of organized thread, or whatever else you fancy.

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