Wednesday, September 15, 2010

weekend getaway, part two

What a treat to spend time with old friends. We met up with Steph and Jason at the farmer's market on Saturday morning. We wandered around, catching up on life and chasing the little one.

As great as it is to be with old friends, the only thing better is when they bring along new friends. This was our first chance to meet their daughter and I am pleased to say that we hit it off right away. Now that they live so close, I think we will get to know her quite well.

They had bittersweet wreaths at the market that made me so excited about fall. Even though it doesn't quite feel like fall here yet, I am totally gearing up. Fall decorations out of the attic, windows open more often, soup on the menu for the week. Fall, here I come.

Today I mailed off another custom order that I've been working on for the past week or so. It is good to be finished with that project so that I can turn my attentions to some fall projects for the shop.

As for the knitting, I think it is safe to say that we're getting it. We took all the supplies on our trip and spent a little time knitting in our room at the bed and breakfast, which was super cozy. I am quite pleased with the yarn we picked out and can't wait to start on an actual project! I think I need a little more practice first though.

Right now the patio is calling my name and I think I will stitch pumpkins in the sun until I have to come in and do something really productive, like vacuum.

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