Thursday, September 09, 2010

let the festivities begin!

Please excuse the awful flash lighting, but it was dark when we started the birthday weekend celebration last night (and yes, I know it was only Wednesday). We had Steve's favorite dessert- vanilla ice cream, berries, and homemade whipped cream. We even added a little hot fudge, for good measure.

We had to eat the dessert early because tonight we leave for our favorite B&B and we will be eating amazing food at places like this.

So, I have plenty to do before we ship out tonight, including but not limited to: laundry, packing, bathroom cleaning, sewing, post new item in shop, order tags, make dinner for car ride.

This is the bib that I made this week with the new oilcloth. I think it turned out delightfully. I love the red and teal together and with the stars it looks very fourth-of-july and cheerful. This bib is definitely baby-sized, but I plan to make some toddler sized ones soon too. And I also plan to use this oilcloth in other projects, like say the inside of a zipper pouch so that it can be wiped clean.

We're taking a bunch of recent projects with us this weekend for an off site photo shoot. Including the stuffed pumpkins, which seem to be multiplying rather rapidly. So I should have some great pictures to share next week.

Happy weekend!

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