Friday, September 03, 2010

before and after

You remember yesterday. The chaos. The piles of fabric on the floor, climbing up the wall.

And now here we are today. I think it is clear from this picture that I am the winner. I folded and sorted and squeezed until I got it all onto two shelves where it belongs.

Unfortunately, I then went upstairs and found a large box in the guest closet that Steve's grandmother sent several months ago filled with- you guessed it- fabric. That crowd is now on the ironing board getting pressed and sorted and folded. I am hoping they are not a rowdy bunch and will squish in nicely with the others. We'll see.

As a reward to myself for cleaning up the fabric shelves yesterday, I made this cute zippered pouch. It was so much fun to make that I think there will be more coming in the near future.

Usually when I'm making a new item, I like to imagine myself using it. My first thought about this pouch was that I would like to take it to a tea party and set it right up on the table so that all the guests could admire it. There would be no hiding it under my chair like the ugly stepsister purse. It would receive a place of honor- becoming part of the decor, if you will.

Since I don't get invited to a lot of tea parties these days, my next option was a wedding. I could picture myself all dressed up, sitting in a pew with Steve on one side and this lovely pouch on the other. So now I need someone to get married- any takers? I'll look real cute at your wedding with my zipper pouch...

As I tried to get some good pictures of the pouch this morning to post in the shop, I found myself on the front porch, leaning over to take pictures with one hand while hanging onto the pouch with the other. It is a good thing most of our neighbors are at work.

We've got a fun long weekend planned, so I'll see you back here on Tuesday with a sneak peak of next week's shop project. And possibly some pictures of our last pool day of the summer.

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