Monday, September 27, 2010

favorite day

Here are the reasons that this is my favorite day:

1- My tags are here. They arrived Saturday and we have been looking at them and playing with them ever since. So it feels like I'm really in business now- shop, blog, business cards, tags. This is for real.

2- I was able to post three new items in the shop this morning. Usually it is all I can do to post one item each week. I feel pretty darn pleased with three.

3- The aforementioned shop items are now residing in my house and they are all super cute. Another perk to making cute stuff- until it sells, it's yours.

4- It is RAINING and has been since yesterday and the temperature has not climbed higher than 68.

5- I decorated for fall this weekend and the house looks and feels super cozy. I will post some photos of this later this week, but I can't really get any good pictures today because it's so dark out (see #4).

6- We bought two of my favorite kind of candles to welcome fall and I can smell them even when they're not burning. So the house has a constant cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla smell and I haven't baked a thing. Amazing.

7- Speaking of baking, we are having lifegroup tonight and I think I will bake treats for the event today in my cozy house.

8- It's Monday and the mail comes again. I always appreciate mail delivery the most on Mondays when I've had to go a day without it. The mail around here has been really exciting lately (see #1).

9- Instead of putting on sensible trousers this morning and mucking off to the office in the rain, I put on my favorite yoga pants and haven't mucked anywhere as of yet. (A big thank-you to my husband for making #9 possible)

10- The washer, dryer, and dishwasher running in the background = housework getting done while I do other things. Perfect.

I hope that you might be having a favorite day as well.

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