Tuesday, October 29, 2013

less is more

Six months ago today, we met in an apartment in Taiwan.  We didn't know much about each other, or speak the same language.  But he'd seen our picture and we'd seen his and, somehow, we turned into a family, right then and there.  

Our lives are so different now, than before we knew him.  We do less.  We volunteer less, we plan less social activities, we accomplish less in a day.  We sleep less, the house is much less clean, and I think I even eat less, because someone is always stealing my food (he calls it "sharing").  

And I think that it's one of the big mysteries of life, how less can feel like so much more.  We added one small person to our already happy family of two, but our joy has been multiplied tenfold.  

Today we are celebrating by reading books and eating tacos (and maybe M&Ms!) and just generally being together.  Being together is the best celebration of all.  


  1. Happy Anniversary Perkin family! Amazing how one little boy can bring so much joy and love to his extended family as well.
    Every minute with him is priceless.

  2. Too sweet!!! Less is definitely more! :) Congrats on a happy 6 months!



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