Tuesday, October 08, 2013

fall/winter 2013 scarf collection

In honor of the fact that the temperature is supposed to remain well below 70 degrees today, I thought I'd do a thorough going-over of the new scarf collection that is in the shop.  It's pretty fabulous and I love that each one brings something very different to the table.  

First up is the plaid, which has such a surprising color palette that it took me a few glances at the fabric to realize how great it is.  But then I realized and bought a whole bolt, because I feel like other people are going to realize too.  Deep eggplant, electric blue, and bronze, with a snazzy bronze edge = trendy, without being predictable.  Also, who doesn't love plaid? 

Here we have the other more casual scarf, the maroon and orange check.  In addition to being the perfect fall colors, maroon and orange are also our school colors (go Hokies!), so we are, obviously, crazy for this one.  

I think that every man should own a great black and white scarf and I love this mixture of different sizes of hounds tooth- so much more interesting than just one size!  A black and white scarf matches almost everything and looks sharp with a black or gray coat for work.  

Last up, and possibly our favorite scarf this year, is the green herringbone.  I'm a sucker for herringbone anyway, but finding one in this vibrant green was such a huge stroke of luck.  It has the polished look of wool too, but is actually 100% cotton like all the rest of the scarves.  

In the past, we've carried a few wool and a few cotton scarves, but this year we've gone all cotton.  It's so much nicer against your skin, which I consider a huge deal, plus it's machine washable!  

I think that scarves make such great gifts- they're personal, but you don't have to worry about size or fit. Men can be difficult to shop for anyway, so I love hearing from people around the holidays that they are ordering my scarves for their dads, husbands, brothers.  And this year, you can order matching father-son scarves, which would be so cute for family photos- just enough matching without being weird.  (Side note: I was allowed to pick the outfits for a family photo once when I was 11 and we all ended up in red turtlenecks and denim.  Not my finest moment.)  

Today, we're running errands and I have a stack of ironing to tackle.  It's cool and gray and I'm getting excited that I might need my slippers soon!

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