Thursday, October 31, 2013

fall/winter 2013 bow tie collection

Friends, we have some seriously awesome bow ties in the shop for fall and winter.  Awesome like I can't even pick a favorite.  Or three favorites.  So I'm just going to show you all of them.  

The world map tie is back and as popular as ever.  I bought enough of this map fabric back in July to last through the holidays.  At least I thought I did.  Once I ran out of that yardage (in September), I found another bit that will hopefully last me another month or so.  It's kind of like a scavenger hunt, buying fabric.  (Exciting side note: this fabric will soon be available in two sizes of leather bottom pouches as well!)

This orange and navy I chose because I love the bold colors, and then later realized that it would be perfect for an Auburn or UVA fan.  Not that I'm endorsing UVA fans, but business is business.  

The typeface tie was a wildcard and I've been a bit surprised by how popular it is.  I've had to go hunting for more of this once or twice too, but now we are stocked up for the season.  I love how the graphic black and white can work with any color shirt or jacket.  

Mint green continues to be a popular color this year, especially for weddings.  I didn't know if I'd find a winter counterpart to my mint seersucker tie, but this cotton wale pique works really well for the cooler months.  I also have some in red, for the Christmas tie crowd.  

I'm on a big mustard yellow kick this fall and would wear this tie myself, if I could.  In fact, I wish it were a shirt.  In fact, maybe I need to get serious about learning to make my own shirts.  But until then, I can just enjoy having this cheerful checked tie around, brightening up the office.  

So that's the starting lineup!  I have other ties in the shop too, but these are the newest batch.  We're working on some lovely packaging as well, so any gift ties will arrive ready to give!

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is November.  We're looking forward to a quiet weekend, hopefully involving time on the patio and pumpkin frozen yogurt.  I'll meet you back here next week!

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