Wednesday, October 02, 2013

aaaaand... we're back

Hello there, friends!  Happy October!  We're starting to get back to normal over here after a whirlwind end to September.  We got to see lots of family and visit the ocean one more time- the perfect goodbye to summer.  

Arthur was showered with love and toys and, as usual, ate like a field hand and charmed the socks off everyone he met.  Every week, we marvel over how much he's grown, how many new words he knows, and how we feel like the luckiest parents on earth.  

His newest phrase is "help you!", which means that laundry, dishes, and making dinner all take about three times longer than usual.  I love his helpful spirit though and every so often he does something that is actually helpful.  

We're planning to stick close to home and work on some household projects this month.  Doesn't the fall air just inspire you to get things done?  Business-wise, I'm preparing for the holiday rush and stockpiling scarves and leather pouches.  October is the last chance to get ahead before things really get crazy around here.  

Hope your fall is off to a lovely start!  Shall we talk about soup again soon?  It's almost time!

1 comment:

  1. What an incredibly precious child! I am so blessed that he is my grandson. I love him so much!
    Lauren- you and Steve are amazing parents! I'm so proud of you both
    I love you all.



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