Thursday, September 19, 2013

no, really, try the tacos

If you haven't made the Shredded Beef Tacos that I mentioned on Monday yet (what? you don't immediately try out every recipe I suggest?!?), run, do not walk, to your kitchen to see if you have all the ingredients. And if it happens that you are missing something (like a 2 1/2 pound chuck roast), head on out to the grocery store.  I promise they are worth the trip.  

Then, once you have made and enjoyed these amazing tacos, go ahead and make soup with the leftover broth and feel like a rock star who saves money and doesn't waste food and eats delicious things.  You're welcome. 

This really will be my last post for this month, but I wanted to be clear about it since I get really paranoid when bloggers go missing for weeks at a time.  Maybe that's just me.  My precious "morning hour" has all but disappeared and nap time hasn't been anything to write home about either.  I'm still navigating the work/life/mom balance and trying to make wise decisions about how to allot my time.  

We're super excited that my sister is coming tomorrow.  Although after I read her the list of things we need to accomplish while she's here, I was a little surprised she didn't cancel her trip.  So hopefully I'll meet you back here in October with lots of fun pictures to share and a much shorter to-do list!  Happy Fall!

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