Wednesday, August 21, 2013

the morning hour

Last night, after a quick trip out to get gas in the car, we stopped for some frozen yogurt.  Mainly because I accidentally said "ice cream" earlier in the evening and Arthur's eyes got huge and he stared at us like "where the heck is the ice cream?!?" and then I felt too bad telling him there was no ice cream.  

But also, we just like frozen dairy treats.  We may have gone anyway, but now that we have a kid to blame things on, I plan to just do that.  

Now that we are in a routine with Steve going to work, I am able to get into more of a routine with my work. I always aim to get a lot of sewing done during nap time (I love you, nap time!), but sometimes I'm pretty drained by that point in the day.  I save my "thinking tasks" for the morning hour- the blissful time between Steve leaving for work and Arthur waking up.  It's when I send emails, write blog posts, make plans, or work on new patterns.  I also get the packages ready to ship out for the day.  

This morning, I'm continuing to work on  our new fall line.  I'm so excited about all the flannel and wool that is taking up every spare inch of space in my office and about to spill over into our closet.  We've been brainstorming creative ways to get pictures taken, now that we have an extra "helper".  I'm learning what work I can do with Arthur (anything that looks boring) and what work I have to save for nap (anything involving scissors or precision- yesterday I got pegged with a Sponge Bob ball while trying to finish up some hand sewing).  

Hope your day is off to a promising start!

*Editor's note: today's "morning hour" lasted 24 minutes

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