Friday, August 23, 2013

the importance of opposable thumbs

I have a new appreciation for Fridays, now that I'm a mom.  The weekend now means that, not only do I get to hang out with Steve for two whole days, I get to enjoy Steve's help for two whole days.  It also means no 6 am alarm, hallelujah and amen.

This week has felt long and, making it feel a bit longer is the fact that I have had scant use of my left thumb for half of it.  I managed to slice into my thumb while cutting a peach during a particularly bad spot in the day on Wednesday.  After the general ruckus was over ("am I going to pass out?  i am NOT going to pass out.  boo-boo, mama?") and I was properly bandaged, I started to realize just how many things I need my thumb for.  


Cracking an egg. 

Tying a bow tie. 

Grasping anything with a twist top.  

You can picture how productive I've been.  

What's funny is that all I keep thinking about is that part in 'Meet the Parents' where the dad tells Greg that the cat can't flush the toilet because he lacks opposable thumbs.  Thankfully, I can still flush.  And my thumb is getting better by the day.  And I'm using up some of the 85 million band-aids we have because we're prepared for... what?  A war?  Nobody can figure out where they all came from.  

In addition to willing my skin to grow back together, this weekend we're looking forward some relaxing, a picnic with friends, and more product photos.  Our bow tie model will be sad to find out that I just finished a batch of little boy's scarves that will soon be wrapped around his precious little neck.  As his dad can attest, taking scarf pictures when it's 80 degrees outside is a bit sweaty, but such are the hazards to living with me. I feed them both really well though, so that's something.  

Hope your weekend feels like it's longer than usual!

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