Tuesday, September 03, 2013

the long weekend

Happy September, friends!  This is one of my favorite months and we started it off with a bang this weekend! 

We did some shopping, hung around the house, caught up on some chores, and just generally enjoyed being together.  On Sunday, we got super bold and squeezed in three very different outings.  

We headed over to one of our favorite photo spots and shot a bunch of scarf pictures.  I'll be posting new scarves in the shop all week and am so excited about the colors we chose this year!

Then, we tried out a new park, which is always a good time.  

They even had a splash park, which took Arthur a few minutes to warm up to, but he ended up loving.  After changing his clothes in the trunk of the car (which was thrilling, obviously), we tried out a new restaurant for dinner.  It was not the kind of place we usually go with a kid, but Arthur was so good and we all loved the food and I was glad we risked it.  

Sunday's photo shoot was actually our second one of the weekend.  I had both boys in the yard at 9am on Saturday so we could get some pictures before it got too hot.  I'm pretty sure Arthur's face says it all here.  

We cooked a big breakfast yesterday to celebrate Steve's extra day off and I made up a new muffin recipe, which I'll be sharing later this week!

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  1. Loved the excitement in the water park!



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