Thursday, October 17, 2013

backyard living

So- we all have a huge crush on the new patio.  It's for keeps.  We spent the weekend on it.  We had friends over this week, just so we could eat on it (okay, not really- we also really wanted to see them).  Arthur and I hang out there in the afternoons when I have reached that point of "oh my gosh I need Steve to come home from work right now" and it totally helps pass the time.  

Here are a couple of pictures of the patio from above.  Steve taped the camera to a 20 foot pole and set it to take a picture every five seconds.  If you know Steve, this will sound regular to you.  If you don't know Steve, I'll bet you wish you did now.  

Speaking of Steve, who is not only creative, but efficient, he has already started working towards our vision of partially enclosing the patio by building some awesome raised beds.  

Future projects include portions of fencing, a gate, some long bench seats, and storage.  The beds are a great start and I can't wait to fill them with herbs in the spring!

Arthur likes the patio because it gives him tons of room to drive his tractor around.  Also, he just likes to run back and forth and yell "new patio!!"

Today, in addition to enjoying the new patio, I am finishing up a batch of bow ties and working on an exciting new travel blanket pattern.  It's practically blanket season- who's excited? 


  1. Love the flower boxes! What a beautiful addition to a gorgeous patio!
    Can't wait to enjoy it with you.

  2. It looks so lovely! I totally relate to the "needs to come home *RIGHT NOW*" feeling in the afternoons!



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