Friday, October 11, 2013

(the unofficial) fall break

Not a single person in this household is currently attending any school of any kind, but I am declaring this weekend "fall break".  Steve is off on Monday, the air is finally cool, and we have a new patio to hang out on.  Plus, we all deserve a break.  

Our new patio should be complete later today and I'm already dreaming of grilling sausages and pineapple and giving the lounge chairs a more permanent spot.  Perhaps we can convince Arthur that what he really wants to do is ride his tractor back and forth on it for an hour or so while Steve and I sip drinks and chat? I'll let you know how that dream turns out.  

Nothing sounds better right now than a couple of days with no alarm clock and no real schedule.  I've been thinking about what I'd like to wear during the cold months and am hoping to get a few things this weekend to round out my wardrobe.  Every fall, I pull out last year's clothes and wonder exactly what it was that I wore for five months while it was cool outside.  Then I remember (mainly yoga pants and hoodies) and vow to do better this year.  

I'm also hoping for a few hours to catch up on some sewing work because I feel perpetually behind right now.  Which is both a good and bad problem to have.  

Here's hoping your weekend is a bit of a break too!

1 comment:

  1. Oh! Your deck will be such a nice addition! Love your home:)



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