Thursday, April 25, 2013

and away we go

Our house is a whirlwind of suitcases and piles to be packed and lists right now.  I must have seven lists going, simultaneously.  I can't really say if that is helping or hindering my trip preparation process. 

Yesterday felt like at least three days rolled together.  6:30pm found me finishing up a round of bow ties and Steve still at work.  9:00pm found us at Walmart, trying to buy another inflatable travel pillow.  10:00pm found us rearranging our bedroom furniture to accommodate a crib. 
Today has been no less exciting.  We started off  with an awesome business meeting and can't wait to get on the plane to have time to discuss some ideas.  We've run errands and mowed the lawn and I am jiggling my leg impatiently as if that will somehow make the washer and dryer produce clean clothing at a faster rate.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

By this time tomorrow, whatever didn't get done will have to stay undone and I find that kind of comforting.  I'll try to pop in for an update once we're back and settled in.  Oh!  And if you want to eat anything delicious in our honor this week, try these Mexican Stuffed Sweet Potatoes- we've been eating them for three days straight and they are amazing! 

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  1. I must confess that I check your blog at least once weekly to see if there are any stories from going to get your son (!). SOOOO EXCITED to see the photo at the top! what joy! Praying and praising God for you and your family :)



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